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Ground | Whole Bean
Specialty 100% Arabica Colombian Coffee

Region: Caldas
Finca: La Primavera
Producer: Olga Lucia Bustamante
Elevation: 1,700 m.a.s.l.
Cup Profiles: Red fruits and vanilla fragrance, chocolate and caramel flavor with notes of nuts. Bright acidity, medium body.
Roast: Medium
Net weight: 340 g./12oz

After working all around the world  in different international organizations as the UN itself, Olga, from Manizales Colombia, and Per, from Denmark, decided to set roots in the mountains of San Jose, Caldas, a little village in Colombia surrounded by mountains where hard working people and coffee trees create the perfect environment to start over.

The farm has varieties such as Variedad Colombia and soon the Pink Bourbon varietal. Olga sees the coffee trees as her babies and treats them as such, she searched for the best practices to implement in her farm and established the best protocols for her team to follow, this way the Finca produces not only a great coffee but also develops a sustainable environment that helps preserve the forest and the wildlife that surround the coffee plantation.

Not only does Finca La Primavera commits to the sustainable development of the area but they were determined to give back to the community and help them both professional and personally, they have helped the school to have a safer infrastructure for the kids to study, they  develop different activities for the woman o the zone and mostly they take coffee growers as their family and give them opportunities to build the life they dream of.

Package Includes:

  • 1 Bag/340gr/120z Specialty Whole Bean Coffee