XOL Foundation – Change the World, Start with Coffee

XOL Foundation enables social transformation through its ability to develop, fund, implement and provide sustainable business programs to our farmers and contribute to the next generation of coffee growers worldwide.


Our Mission is to enable, create and improve systems that contribute to sustainable economic growth to our coffee farmers and end poverty by creating the next generation of mobile café owners in the United States.


XOL Foundation has focused on contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals that impact our global economy and fomented by the United Nations. Knowing the capability and economic growth the coffee industry has today, our main objective is divided in two sections. Considering where we would make the most impact in the supply chain, we focused our objective in the bottom-line, our coffee growers and the top-line of the supply chain, that is potential independent café owners that connect with the end consumer.

One of the objectives of XOL Foundation is to enable and improve the systems for intersectional cooperation, sustainable coffee growing, environmental protection and responsible production that contributes to social and productive conditions to reduce poverty, promote peaceful coexistence, generate gender equality, quality education, decent work, and economic sustainable growth in rural areas of where XOL coffee is produced, currently in Colombia.

The second most important objective is to promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic employment and decent work for all. We believe in the power of work and in the potential of people to reduce poverty. Unfortunately, too many people want to work but the lack of education, skills and confidence they need to get a job or even dream of owning their own business are increasingly reduced over time. That’s why XOL is in the process of creating programs focused on educating and providing resources to the less fortunate, through entrepreneurial programs that will enable them to reach the American dream we all came here for.