Our Story

XOL Coffee and Tea Company is the creation of an avid entrepreneur, who for the past 15 years has built multi-million dollar brands, a lover for tea and a passionista for the process of crafting Specialty and Varietal coffee.

Our founder and CEO never liked coffee, in fact she's a tea lover, but 3 years ago she was introduced to exquisite Varietals and Specialty coffees by one of her her high-school friends and her whole world changed. As a frequent world traveler she wanted to create a brand that delivered a product that maintained its high-quality standards in convenient formats.

Then it started from there on, with the idea to provide quality and varietal coffee in Single Serve Pour-over Coffee pouches from all regions of Colombia and with one goal in mind: to provide the best-in-class Specialty and Varietal coffee to all of the coffee lovers worldwide.

However, her passion has always been to contribute to the sustainable development of the United Nations Goals, making a global impact. Therefore, her plan to build a unique brand and perspective on what she wanted to achieve changed, from being a generic coffee brand to one that truly embraces sustainability in its entire supply chain. And this took her to build XOL Coffee.

Today, XOL has a team of professionals whose primary focus is to ethically source the finest beans from all regions Colombia and now other countries from Central and South America, ensuring that all aspects of sustainability are met. Every batch is selected for its quality and we only roast the best, to ensure that every cup of coffee meets the highest standards each and every batch is evaluated by our in-house Agronomist Engineer and certified by our Professional Roaster and Q Grader.

Because Responsible Sourcing is such an integral part of our business, evaluating each crop, the conditions of where and how our coffee is grown and processed is crucial to the distinctive value we want to bring to you, it is why we work hand-in-hand with our farmers. They not only produce our coffee and tea but also play an important aspect in our Fair-trade concept.

After hard work, sleepless nights, a deadline to develop and launch at the United Nations in December of 2018, many cupping tastings across all regions and the urge to bring to market a distinctive creation of coffee and tea products, we are excited to introduce you to:


Our mission is to be more than a coffee company, it's to make a difference by contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals of our global economy, by making an impact in our supply chain from ground to cup, it is how we can truly deliver a sustainable, high-end experience in our Farm to Table concept.

Our primary goal is to bring to market the best-in-class beans and tea products by sourcing from only the best.

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