What the... is CASCARA?

XOL brings an exquisite drink to the scene

ORGANIC CASCARA, also known as coffee cherry tea. While cascara isn’t exactly coffee, it isn’t tea either.

Because cascara comes from the genus coffee cherries instead of the Camellia sinensis plant, it can’t be classified as a true tea. Nor is Cascara quite what some people imagine when they think of herbal tea, as Cascara is made from a fruit rather than an herb. And to also clarify this is not Cascara Sagrada, which serves very different purposes.


Did you know that coffee beans come from fruit? Seriously, coffee cherry is a fruit, very sweet in flavor and no taste to coffee. Cascara (coffee cherry skin, the outer skin of the fruit) is the by-product of the coffee beans after they have been removed from their red skins and dried in the sun, much like raisins.

Cascara comes in an interesting mélange of flavors ranging from sweet, subtle, earthy, to rich, warm, robust and nutty. Its undertones have a fruity flavor with hints of raspberry, red mulberry, currant, cranberry, and cherry.

Even though you may not know whether it’s truly coffee or tea, the health benefits are numerous.  Due to its high concentration of polyphenols, Cascara is a true superfood. It will also help boost your immune system, provide antioxidants thus protecting you from free radicals, and offer you a host of anti-inflammatory properties. With extensive research over a decade, FutureCeuticals, has also discovered that Cascara produces BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor), a protein essential for maintaining healthy cognition, and other brain-related processes such as mood and sleep.


Cascara (Hot)

1) Put 14 grams of cascara into a sachet or tea strainer. We use a french press.
2) Add 6-8 oz of 200°F water. 
3) Steep 4-5 minutes in the French Press.
4) Strain and enjoy!
Option: Add honey or our Organic Panela

Cascara (Cold)

1) Add 100 grams (3.5 oz.) cascara to 1 liter cold water.
2) Steep for 24 hours. 
3) Strain, pour over ice, and enjoy!