We've got the Miami Vibes!

We've got the Miami Vibes in us, from our founding company and owner to MIAMI VIBES MAGAZINE.

Miami Vibes Mag is the latest and greatest local print and digital mag embodying the local vibes in Miami seeking to deliver what's new, fresh, happening and hidden in the sexiest city, while unifying the north and the south. 

With its high-end, luxury lifestyle, Miami Vibes brings a modern look to print and digital featuring local small business, products, talent, events and simply the best vibes of this amazing city. 

So if you're into the latest of the Miami Vibes be sure to check out their June issue to see us, XOL COFFEE featured. Yes, we are here to break the norm, we are here to stay and to create a new vibe in the coffee industry, south florida style. 

Check out this link to learn more about Miami Vibes!